Trip to Northeast Tennessee

As is our custom, fall break rolled around and Karen and I hit the road for our annual vacation.  This year we decided to head to northeast Tennessee and see what the land had to offer, and see what land was up for offer.  It is no secret that we would like to retire in … Continue reading »

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A Trip to Mississippi

Finally, after a long time of saying we were going to do it, we finally make a trip to Gautier, MS to visit our friends William and Claudette Owens.  We were so glad that we went.  They not only showed us a great time while we were there, but they also showed us a few … Continue reading »

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Yellowstone: Day Six – The Last Day

Day six… our last day here before leaving. The day started out by resting.  Yesterday wore us (as my daughter would say) “smooth out”.  We took our time getting up and then roamed Gardiner to do the requisite t-shirt shopping!  Gotta get the kids and grandkids all taken care of.  I wasn’t going to get … Continue reading »

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