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Today’s Birds

Trying out my new tripod head today.  I got the Acratech GP Ballhead because my Manfrotto has a crack in it and just was no longer working well.  One of the nice things about the Acratech is that it also doubles as a “poor man’s gimbal” which makes tracking birds easier. So, it’s the heat … Continue reading »

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Empty Nest

The day came.  Actually it all happened over a couple of days.  Days that contained both happiness and sadness. The first baby to leave the nest, did so by hopping all around the yard and then under the fence into the neighbor’s yard.  I wasn’t too worried about him because I could still see the … Continue reading »

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Today I got up to spend breakfast with the Robins.  Being a holiday weekend, I was worried that all the activity around the pool would bother the birds, but they seem to be pretty acclimated to humans.  In fact, the Cardinals seem quite put out that we were out there and actually did a fly-by … Continue reading »

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