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Yellowstone: Day Six – The Last Day

Day six… our last day here before leaving. The day started out by resting.  Yesterday wore us (as my daughter would say) “smooth out”.  We took our time getting up and then roamed Gardiner to do the requisite t-shirt shopping!  Gotta get the kids and grandkids all taken care of.  I wasn’t going to get … Continue reading »

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Delay in posting…

Sorry I’m not keeping up with my usual daily posts from this trip.  Simply put, the number of pictures being taken, the length of time in the field, and then the time it takes to go through the shots that I want to make everyone envious about (and the very slow internet connection here), all … Continue reading »

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Man, it’s just been too hot to go out and do anything around here lately. We’re going on over 30 days with over 100 degree tempteratures and it doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. Hopefully, it ease up soon so I can get back to moving around outside without bursting into … Continue reading »

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